Thursday, September 29, 2005

They are already here!!!

If you look at the live satellite pictures of Czech Republic you can see immense Death Ray being focused to a point southwest of Prague. I hope you know what this means.

Where is Tom Cruise when we need him?

UPDATE: "Bob" notes that this is not satellite but radar image. Of course that makes the whole thing even more sinister!!!


Anonymous said...

The situation ia actually even more grim. It seems that it points somewhere close to Central Brdy Mts., a military training range. More exactly, the ray target may be very close to Míšov-Borovno - former soviet nuclear warhead storage. There were no real warheads, it was just an empty backup one and now it is unused, but...THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK!


Anonymous said...

Radiální paprsek ve směru cca 290deg od radaru na kótě Praha, je způsoben rušením v mikrovlnném pásmu ve kterém naše radary pracují. Na identifikaci a omezení tohoto zdroje rušení se pracuje.
The truth is out there

Anonymous said...

BTW It is a radar image, not satellite image ;-)