Sunday, July 31, 2011

Google Love

There was fairly prominent ad campaign by Google Czech Republic, called "Life is a Search". It showed how Google Search (and other Google services) help two people fall in love (UPDATE: It was based on this original U.S. ad).

Well, this happened to me for real (after a year or so of being single). It all started with this photo of her and Chucky, taken using her Android phone several months ago, when we first met:

Afterwards, we occassionally kept in touch online and we thoroughly googled each other. For example I found this:

Only after we both (independently of each other) joined Google Plus, things started to heat up:

Works in Pilsen, huh? Just in time, Google Navigation for my Android phone became available in the Czech Republic...

And then it happened, rather quickly and somehow unexpectedly...

However, the most burning question remained: How would the dogs react to the sound of violin playing?

It seems everything went better than expected. In fact, the dogs actually want to be there every time Hanka is playing.

Now it just remains to be seen how the dogs react to Muf, her pet rabbit...

P.S: Hanka can now boast to her musical colleagues that she is dating Václav Fuka's son. My father is relatively famous double bass player, composer and teacher (Ondřej Soukup studied under him).