Monday, August 18, 2008

Google Code Hosting = Too Good For Me

I moved FFTempl project to Google Code Hosting and discovered it really matured (the Google site, not my project) and looks rather good, offering some extremely interesting features (like Subversion repository and online code review) for your Open Source projects for free.

Of course my tiny project will never use 99% of them...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Year And Counting!

Today (technically yesterday), when I came home with groceries, I was surprised by this:


Yes, dear reader, we had something to celebrate. It's exactly one year since we agreed (by e-mail) that we can try dating and met personally for the first time as "boyfriend and girlfriend". I could also write "...since we had our first sex" but that doesn't feel quite right because we had sex only after (30 minutes after) we agreed that we will be dating.

In any case, it lasted far longer than anyone predicted and - maybe surprisingly - it works quite well even when we live together. Meanwhile, Jitushka not only got accepted to University (she will be a translator from English and German!) but also got herself a part-time job - courtesy of Karolina, my former girlfriend (I like it when everyone is friends with everyone else).

Yes, it works quite well so far. Let's see how it will work when we leave for Greece the next week...

UPDATE: Proof that "everyone can be friends with everyone else"!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Did I Tell You I Am Rather Fond Of Tokyo?

As you probably know, I have a soft spot for Tokyo. I was there three times and I always wanted to go back. And now I can, at least virtually.

The Interview

I can visit the first hotel I stayed in, the second hotel I stayed in and even the third hotel I stayed in!

All that thanks to Google Maps' new Street View coverage. You can now see Tokyo's new city hall, the giant golden turd, big-ass roller coaster right in the middle of the city and even Godzilla herself. Unfortunately, most of the photos are taken very early in the morning and that means one of the most important elements is missing - the people. And, of course, you cannot see areas where cars don't have access.

Street View, coupled with Panoramio, Picasaweb and Youtube integration, makes Google Maps really, really useful tool for selecting your vacation or just "having a look how it looks over there". Recently, I used it to check out where we are going for a vacation in a few weeks.