Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Double Impact

Well, Pilsen will have to wait for a few days, at least!

Double impact!

And now, excuse me, I'm going back to playing Burnout Paradise.

P.S: Everyone stop asking me if I am OK. Yes I am!

P.P.S: No, I didn't try to enter a space that was too narrow. I hit an oncoming car and bounced to cars parked along the road.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Fast And The Furious

After finally getting my driver's licence (I succeeded on the 4th try!) I finally got my car. It's Skoda Felicia LXi, made in 1995.

As I don't understand cars and I don't ever want to understand cars, I used my friend's brother, who's a car mechanic, to select the car, check it and do basic maintenance. That's why any of your questions about this selection are totally pointless. From my perspective, the only important factors are that I bought a kick-ass Korean stereo (with USB and SD card playback) for it and the car's color scheme matches Albert's color scheme (click for large):


I already drove some 300 km in and around Prague, without killing anyone and without scratching my car (too much). I even drove 70 km on the highway, which should prepare me for next week's trip to Pilsen. I am trying to perfect my parallel parking skills using Grand Theft Auto and this thing. I'm probably gonna try some tuning soon.

Otherwise, everything in my life is the same (meaning "okay" or "great").

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Japanese vs. The Mutant Mickey Mouse

This Japanese cartoon from 1934 explains a lot about Pearl Harbor. Also see its related videos.