Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time to get less social

I discovered there are hundreds of comments and personal messages waiting for me at Twitter. The trouble is, I never log in to my Twitter account so I didn't read them. My Twitter was automatically populated from my "Favorite Links and Detailed Activities" feed, that's all. It has no other use.

The solution: I am no longer putting anything on Twitter (manually or automatically).

Dozens of people ask me to "become friends" with them at Foursquare. I don't get it. The reason for being connected at Foursquare is to know when YOUR FRIEND is sitting in the pub somewhere so that I can stop by. I never met most of these people. What could be the reason to add them as friends at Foursquare??? So that I can see that someone who I don't know is at the pub nearby? If they want to know where I am for any reason, they can see that on the top right of this page. I have less than 10 "real" friends on Foursquare and most of them don't update their status there. Also, after experimenting with Foursquare, I have doubts about its usefulness, with many venues duplicated and many having wrong adresses / locations which no one fixes (I tried reporting them, nothing happened).

The solution: I am blocking my Foursquare account.

I am also getting extremely irritated by Facebook: For example, I once "Liked" the movie "Kick-Ass" at and I immediately began receiving "News" from IMDB to my Facebook account. News that have nothing to do with Kick-Ass. I also became a member of the Facebook Group "KickAssCZ" and I found out later that I now have "KickAssCZ" as my favorite movie on Facebook, without me adding it there (ignoring the fact that there is not any movie called "KickAssCZ"). Worst of all, I clicked on someone's bizarre Facebook link, which resulted in ME sending the same bizarre link to my FB friends. Again, without me knowing about it and without possibility for removing this link.

The solution: The solution does not exist so far, I am afraid, because I have to keep my Facebook presence intact for now (because of my work). But note that I am only adding people who I can call my friends to my "Friends" list - read about it here.

If you somehow want to see what I enjoyed seeing / reading on the web, there has always been one single best solution: Watch my "Interesting Links" feed. Several links appear in it every day and it can be viewed using anything that handles RSS. It's generated by Google Buzz / Reader but that doesn't matter. If the Google ceased to exist, this feed would still be at the same address, generated by some other means. If you want to be more social and comment on these items, I suggest using Google Buzz (which is connected to this feed).

In any case, please note that my Google account is "". This is my e-mail, my Jabber/GoogleTalk id and also my Google Wave id! If you still have my old Google account mentioned somewhere (, please delete it, I no longer use it (for several years now).

My other "live feeds" (my blogs, my photos etc., including the "Everything Fuxoft" feed previously used to populate the Twitter) are explained on my homepage.

The decision factor

This was the final reason why I voted for his party:

Proč jsem ho volil!

P.S: This is real, not photoshopped!

Sunday, May 23, 2010