Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yo Ho Ho, I'm An MP3 Pirate!

I wanted to legally buy full MP3 album of Trent Reznor's Social Network soundtrack from I wanted to pay my money to support Reznor & Co. and the price seemed more than fair ($2.99). I was glad they don't use any stupid pointless DRM and are offering the MP3 files.

I clicked on "1-Click Buy" and was greeted with the page explaining that I need Amazon's special downloader in order to downoload the MP3s. I thought "WTF, these files are freely copyable MP3s without DRM, why should I use any kind of downloader?" but I had good will. My OS (Ubuntu 10.04) was not listed amongst the offered version. I tried older Ubuntu version and the Debian version. Both gave me the "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libboost-filesystem1.34.1" error.

I could've probably solved this in some way but... Why the fuck should I attempt to fix non-working software whose sole reason to exist is to complicate perfectly simple task of downloading one MP3 album?

I cancelled my purchase and downloaded the MP3 album elsewhere, in a matter of seconds.

I hope Amazon is happy now...

UPDATE: One day later, I bought the same MP3 album directly, for $5. More precisely, I just gave them my $5 and I didn't download anything because I already had the MP3s on my drive...