Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moving stories

We are in the process of packing everything up before moving to the new flat. The most important story yet: I accidentally found out Karolina scheduled my Pikachu T-shirt to be given to Salvation Army (or whatever). Good thing I noticed that. No, I didn't wear it for many years. So what? This shirt will yet come handy.
Pikachu shirt

Also, Kryspin doesn't want me to pack my soundtracks. He is ALWAYS sitting there!


Anonymous said...


It's very apt with that cat. Place any box anywhere in the flat and the cat will end up there. The smaller the better...

Anonymous said...

i remember that pikachu t-shirt from invex 2000 expo, i have found it in one of my videos:
fuxoft playing mario tennis

sorry, but i think this girl looked a bit better than you did :)
pika girl

Anonymous said...

Pikachu is the most famous, but Charizard has always been my favourite. Charizard rulez!