Sunday, September 18, 2005

Grow me some more!

If you liked GROW and GROW RPG, you'll also enjoy GROW: CUBE.

HINT 1: The ball goes last.

HINT 2: The ball needs LONG tube to be completed.

HINT 3: The little people have to do lots of work, they have to go first.

HINT 4: Everything needs to grow - water goes second, right after the people.

HINT 5: No more hints. :)

UPDATE: WTF? You can switch the last two items (i.e. the ball goes second-to-last) and you also get "perfect ending", the same as I did (see talkbacks). This shouldn't be right...???


Anonymous said...

I checked the other two games just now, but I am always glad and surprised to see such simple games being really hillarious in its concept. Chris Crawford would be happy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kind of Golem, isn't it?

According to this walkthrough (I know, I know...), ball is not the last step:

František Fuka said...

dusoft: what? Multiple solutions?? With ball last, I got "Congratulations" and everything at max level!

Anonymous said...

Well, after almost winning the game (last step missing), I tried the solution described at the website above and got everything on Max in the end.