Saturday, May 07, 2005

WTF is this?

This is a blog...

I noticed my homepage (which is mainly in Czech language) is getting more hits from abroad than from the Czech Republic (probably because of my StumbleUpon links)! At first I thought this is weird but then I came to conclusion that there are probably less people in the Czech Republic than in the rest of the world minus the Czech Republic. Thus, it sort of makes sense.

I started thinking about doing more content in English and came up with the idea of BLOG. This means that I might now officially be known as BLOGGER, an entity I prefer to rank somewhere between amoeba and dead amoeba. Well, life changes, I guess...

I will try this out for several reasons:
  1. To see if there are indeed english-speaking people who are interested in things I write.
  2. To test out the interface and see if I like it or if I'd like something else for some projects I am working on in my spare time.
  3. To learn English better (that means I'd appreciate if you tell me about my grammar errors). Note that although I never lived in English speaking country, I am pretty sure I know how to spell "separate" and "definitely", which makes me more gramatically adept than 69% of Internet users.
  4. To see if non-Czech people find some things happening in this country to be as weird as I do.
  5. To have more hits than Daniel "The Blogger" Dočekal, which will piss him off.


Jan Vaněk jr. said...

1. people = countable => fewer.
2. "rest of the world minus the Czech Republic" = pleonasm (though it would be one in Czech as well).
3. comments in Javascript pop-up windows = Evil.

Anonymous said...

fajne! Ale i tak to všechno nemuselo být...