Monday, May 16, 2005

Think of the future generations!

Charles Bridge is THE bridge to see in Prague. It's official because it's prominently featured in both "XXX" and "Bad Company" (actually it's really nice and you cannot avoid it if you visit Prague). The bridge is currently undergoing large-scale renovations and today, special tube was inserted into its foundations, with "mementoes for future generations".

The tube - which is expected to be found and reopened several centuries into the future - contains, among other things, a DVD DISC!!!

What are those people smoking? Can you imagine someone in the year 2345 or so finding the shiny disc, being able to read the bits from it and being able to reconstruct them into sound and inferior (i.e. 2D) picture?

Of course, if the tube also contains the specs for MPEG compression and deCSS, I am ready to apologize to the authors...


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely sure,that 24th century is exactly the time,when the almighty Microsoft World United company
(MWU tm) will release "brand new step into past centuries with our kulervouci absolute mediaplayer for all present-known formats".. Maybe you will just have to download few service packs before you can use it, but hey.. there is a photo of Vaclav Klaus in there!.. And btw. I'm much more involved in fact,that we are ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONS! Probably because i've finished RE4 on proffesional level two days ago ;o)

Anonymous said...

IMHO main problem is that expected lifetime for most DVD dics is not more than 20-30 years :)