Monday, May 23, 2005

Of pigs and Communists

Mrs. Ester Kocickova, popular radio personality, has likened the Communists to pigs in her talk show. More exactly, she said "I am always telling my kids and my dogs that the Communists are pigs".

Communists are threatening her with a lawsuit and demand an apology. Mrs. Kocickova reacted by attending an opening of the new zoo pavillion and apologizing to the pigs for likening them to the Communists. Cheeky woman.

One of the heads below belongs to Mr. Grebenicek, current head of the Communist Party (his father was tried for torturing the people in Communist prisons but died of natural causes before the end of the lengthy trial). The other head belongs to a pig from "Animal Farm":

If I had kids, I'd probably tell them Mr. Grebenicek has regular sex with animals. But I am not telling that to my dogs.

Today, 17 years after the fall of Czech Communism, the Communists are alive and well. I am not sure about "well" because most of them are very old, but certainly alive. They got a "new image" by making the red star really, really small and replacing it with cherries. Yes, cherries. Their slogan is "With the people, for the people" (click to see the cherries!). The disturbing fact is that there is also a non-zero number of young Communists, most of them not remembering what Communism was and how it worked. (I admit it could be fairly interesting debate to find out if the Communism could actually work the way Marx & Engels envisioned it, in contrast to its actual perverted form.)

Between 15 and 20 percent of Czech people vote for Communists. These people were probably happy 20 years ago, when they could live their day-to-day lives, eat and watch TV without really having to do much at all. They are not happy today when they see that someone is paid for their work more than they are. It's really weird "Communist mentality" when popular articles appear (not just in Communist press!) about "Mr. XY is evil because his monthly salary is over $2000!" Of course he is evil because "the people" cannot have such salaries! Mr. XY is certainly not one of "the people".

Well, dear "people", you can have such salaries. If you don't have them, it's not the fault of the system but of yourself. You are either not competent enough or you don't have friends at the right places. At least in Capitalism you can read articles about it.


Anonymous said...

I can only agree with you..
It would be nice to see, how the old red guys die out...but increasing number of young 'reds' is frightening!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like communists either, but question, why 20% vote for them is much more complex.

And if you are above 50, then get any job is very difficult, even in Prague.

Anonymous said...

Hopefuly Slovakia is through with this communist pain-in-the-ass. Only about 5% of the people say they would vote for them in the polls.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: to myslis stranu Smer?

Anonymous said...

eso: I think slovak politics is not on topic here, but I will respond anyway:

Smer party, although consisting of former communists is not a communistic party as its aim is not to reinstate the communistic regime. This is not the case of Czech KSCM or Slovak KSS, which both have indicated such will.

Just read some of the articles written by the 'young communists' in
They are quite entertaining for me, but not for most czechs I guess...

Jan Vaněk jr. said...

Foreign readers please note: By "Today, 17 years after the fall of Czech Communism" Foohxoft means that it hasn't been yet full sixteen years from the date generally accepted as (the beginning of) the end of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia and not that May 23 is any special anniversary. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


oh, of course: (not .com) - the link is also in fuxoft's original post