Saturday, May 07, 2005

It lives!

We have a new Prime Minister, Mr. Paroubek. I don't care too much about politics (I think that most problems in our country would be solved by giving our president, Mr. Klaus, absolute powers and licence to kill). But Paroubek definitely looks more evil than Mr. Gross, his predecessor.

What is more interesting for esteemed reader is how his wife looks!

Note the uncanny resemblance to the title character from British TV show "Baldy Man". Although Mrs. Paroubek is neither bald or man. I think.

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Chief Fishspanking Officer said...

I can imagine that the looks of Mrs. Paroubek are a result of a very caloric diet. As a fishspanker I would recommend her to eat more fish and engage in the calory-burning activities of fishspanking with her husband in the way Mirek Topolanek or Stanislav Gross do: