Monday, May 23, 2005

Millennium Falcon in Episode III

It seems there is Millennium Falcon (or something very similar to Han Solo's ship) in Revenge of the Sith:

Of course this screengrab is crappy but it can be seen fairly well on the big screen, flying from lower-right corner of the screen a few seconds after Obi-Wan says "Another happy landing" and right before their transport lands in the Coruscant dock.

In the case Jack Valenti is reading this, I do not have a pirated copy. I was translating the movie for the Czech release and thus got the (crappy) version on my harddisk.


Anonymous said...

A nejakou zvetseninu nemas?

Anonymous said...

jj ja si toho taky vsimnul je to hned na zacatku nez prijede anakin a obi-van tim "autobusem" po uspesnem pristani ze jo ? Hned me to bouchlo do oci, je to urcite millenium falcon, na to dam krk !!!

Anonymous said...

Pani, potvrdil to samotny George Lucas - je to Millenium Falcon! dobre oko, Fuxofte ;-) maju podrobny clanok o vsetkych ftipkoch vo filme.