Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Back Is Safe Again

During the recent months, I had a back problem.

I had a comfortable chair and I had no problems when working at my desk. However, when I went to sleep, my back started to hurt immediately when I went to bed. Not very much, but it was uncomfortable and slightly alarming to experience this almost every evening.

For Christmas I got that big inflatable ball to sit on. The back pain went away, and I mean immediately.


Several weeks later, Kryspin used his lightning-fast claw to destroy the inflated balloon in 0.01 seconds (while I was sitting on it) and my back started hurting again.

With Kryspin out of the way, I could've used the inflatable ball again but I found something more stylish:

These special Spinalis chairs emulate the effect of inflatable sitting balls but you look a lot less like idiot when sitting on them. Again, all the pain disappeared immediately.

As you can see, you can order them from Slovenia but if you are from the Czech Republic, you can visit the Czech dealership and try sitting in the chairs before you order (it takes several weeks for the chair to arrive).

Note that the Czech dealership is not a shop in the classic sense. You have to make your appointment in advance, either through web form or using the phone number listed on their webpage.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, the Spinalis chairs, while looking quite futuristic, seem like cheap rip-offs of the Swopper. I have a Swopper in the office and it's really great. It emulates the "rubber ball" perfectly, is very durable and comfortable. It costs around 550 Euro. Don't know if you can buy it in Czech Republic. In Slovakia, it can be bought here:

Anonymous said...

The blondie SpinaliS chick 1 2 is wonderfull.

mikolas said...

Nice pump you got there! Is that a foot-ball pump?

Pavel Kudrys said...

This Spinalis chair looks like something I'm looking for! Is it really so good and comfortable? May I ask, which model you bought? I'm considering model "Hacker" because of the "wire" backrest ;)

František Fuka said...

odklizec: I was torn between Hacker and the simplest model (lazy to look up the name) and chose Hacker. As I wrote, you can try sitting in all the models if you arrange it with the Czech reseller.

Pavel Kudrys said...

Thanks for reply! Well, I'm Czech, but living in Slovakia, so I think, I will visit one of their showrooms here ;) Thanks again for reply!

humrpytel said...

Frantisek, how about writing a blog post about your three year experience with the Spinalis? I noticed the picture of the broken chair on your Flickr account and I was very curious how that happened.

Fuxoft said...

humrpytel: When the spring broke, the Czech Dealership sent me the new spring (and also the hand rests which were worn out) free of charge, although my warranty period already ended!

humrpytel said...

fuxoft: that's a pretty decent customer service. But considering how much the prices of these chairs went up, they can probably afford it :)