Sunday, February 11, 2007


I found a nice little multiplayer online strategy game called TinyWarz. It's played directly in your browser and doesn't use Flash, just HTML and some Javascript tricks. And yet, it has graphics - which can only be described as "cute" (and makes me wonder if they couldn't make a client for playing it on mobile phones).

Yes, it looks deceptively simple but in fact it's extremely complex and you don't stand a chance to even start the combat unless you read the tutorial. It's "sort of" realtime - you play it in turns and you have time limit for each turn. Also, for the beginners, I recommend landing on "Beginner" planet where other players cannot kill you and you can try killing pirates.

The playing is free but - as usual - you can pay real money to get more turns, better weapons etc...

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Anonymous said...

the game uses something called tinybucks you can trade people for it or do some other thing i never tried and you need 40 tinybucks to gain acess to better weapons markets etc.

i dont check my grammar/spelling so dont complain about that