Thursday, February 22, 2007

Repeat After Me: "USA Is Number 1!"

I have a feeling this will not work as planned. Am I wrong?


Tom Janecek said...

muhaha!!World without america would be world without fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG! "Denim jeans" reminds me words of P.Bobek couple years ago: "Without America, one half of czech people would have no trousers."

Unknown said...

scary... and funny :-D

Anonymous said...

IMHO it is incredibly short-sighted and quite dumb campaign

Anonymous said...

it's so shortsighted to ride the wave of antiamericanism. Although I've seen the redneck side of the US and I'm not quite happy with the way the current establishment chose to enforce it's policy, I fully agree with the clip. The world without the US wouldn't turn out to be as friendly, as our recent world is. They may be stupid and slow and uneducated, but there is no better superpower and - with our attitude towards the responsibility, would states like the czech republic or say portugal or poland, would we any better.
Keep smiling, but without america, you wouldn't be allowed to laugh to america.

Anonymous said...

Stupid and slow and uneducated?!

I dunno. Not everybody in the good ol' US of A is a high school dropout or a street gangsta.
Not every Czech is a genius either, just watch Krampol's show:)

One thing is interesting: we constantly accuse Americans of being arrogant, yet sometimes I feel like we are the most arrogant assholes on the planet. We are racist, we sneer at other cultures, we think that the whole world is stupid but WE, THE CZECHS, are the center of the educated and sophisticated universe.

Asi to stale jeste mame v hlave z dob, kdy nam jisty rezim pravidelne ockoval do hlav to, jak jsme vzdelani, nebot kazdy ctvrtek jsou pred knihkupectvim fronty a v USA nikdo necte, ze.

Makes me fucking sick.

Anonymous said...

magdaburg: well you're quite right. Yet the experience with travelling through the us country (east shore, mex gulf) proved to me, that the average level of education is quite low. Compared to small hamlets at Vysocina or say the forehills of Krkonose, the people in the u.s. are in average really less educated then czechs. This does not mean, that in the highest level of education the czechs can match top u.s. scholars.
You're comments on czechs are brilliant :-) If U.S. citizens behaved as czechs, the common stylish oppostion towards the US would be much more tabgible :)