Saturday, February 17, 2007

Walking Around Prague - And I Mean AROUND!

Because no one bought me the fitness equipment of my dreams I had to resort to other crazy ideas today.

I was invited to "Trpaslicon", which is a convention primarily for fans of Red Dwarf TV show and other kinds of British humor (I still have no idea why they invite me each year because I don't watch Red Dwarf at all, I just tell them interesting stuff about upcoming films). Because the weather was nice, I decided I will walk there. From Vysočany to Litochleby. If you have Google Earth installed, just click here to see the path I took around the eastern edge of Prague city. With dogs, of course.


I relied on my GPS and on the vague idea that there is a highway going in the approximate direction of where I want to go. However, highways are not always the best terrain for people walking with dogs so I had to solve many interesting logistical problems on the way! It was about 8 kilometers by air, probably about 12 in reality. My legs feel good.

This reminds me of much more crazy route I took 12 years ago. Back then, I wanted to get from Šenov Film Festival home to Prague, the weather was super-nice and I decided I'll walk for a while and then hitch a ride. I started shortly after lunch from Šenov. However, when I decided I'd rather not walk any longer, no one wanted to pick me up. Of course, as the dusk approached, the chances of being picked up decreased more and more. I didn't want to use train or bus, I just walked on and on, hoping that someone will have mercy.

In the end, I was picked up by some good soul at 5 AM the following day, near Mělník. Yep, that's about 80 kilometers walk. Needless to say, during the following few days I really understood what "doesn't feel his legs" means.

UPDATE: If you understand Czech, you should definitely read this!!!


jimmac said...

Holy cr*p. I thought my 150km on a BIKE was extreme. The longest distance I ever walked (as a kid, never beaten though) was on a 15km mark. 80km is ridiculous!

Now that's something to be bragging about, rather than banging a 19year old chick :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of GPS tracking gizmo do you use?

Anonymous said...

Probably some fucking Russian one if he ends up walking 80 km instead of 12...

Unknown said...

Pretty cool Czech story. I don't know many programmers which are able to go 80km.

Anonymous said...

Great story from the mid 90's. I know this route. The part before Svor is called Šébr and today you'd get killed by a T.I.R. truck there (they pass definitely more often than one in ten minutes, even by night).