Friday, February 09, 2007

HeroScape in Prague

About 18 months ago, I blogged about great boardgame called HeroScape. It's excellent compromise between "Looks great", "Does not insult intelligence of professional boardgamer" and "Can be played even by his young sister". Today, I can inform you that you can buy it in the Hras shop in Rokoko Passage in Prague at last!

There are two "problems", however: First, it costs 3000 Czech Crowns. That might seem like absolutely crazy price because it can now be bought for $30 on (i.e. about 80% cheaper!!!). But remember, the box is huge and heavy and if you find an internet shop which ships HeroScape to the Czech Republic (hint: not Amazon), you'll have to pay enormous postage. It's up to you.

Second "problem": They only have one HeroScape in stock! Hurry, who will be the lucky one?

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Anonymous said...

hm, I haven´t seen any news about kids trampled in shops overcrowded by people in funny dragon-costumes lately...
The "lucky one" will probably have to rub a dust off teh box :)