Friday, November 25, 2005

Face of terror

Maybe I am ignorant but I never before heard of Gary Glitter until his recent "complications" with Vietnamese girls.

However, I can positively say I never saw a face that says "I molest children" more clearly than the photo on the right! (Except maybe Tim Curry in the "Legend" movie and Mr. Paroubek.)

Yes, this is the same man as on the pages linked above!


Anonymous said...

I dont agree, i think that his face is saying "I love children";)

Anonymous said...

the article says only that one of the girls was underage. maybe his face was so in pain and terror before because he had no girls he desperately needed. Look now at his face from the link you supported, happy as baby's one. It says "These fuckups are going to lock me for a long time but I had *my* time!"