Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Haunted Memories"

I hoped to write this before Halloween but the wonderful Czech Post took OVER THREE WEEKS to deliver a package from USA to me. So this post is instead in remembrance of all the students who gave their life on November 17.

I ordered two pictures from and I hope to have them framed and placed at strategical points in our flat where they'll do maximum psychological damage to unsuspecting visitors.

You see, the images, when viewed from front, seem like normal ancient portraits. However, If you move to either side, they change to something rather unpleasant. Of course this trick is old (I remember Czech postacrds like this from the early 1970s) but these paintings are done very profesionally and the change is gradual (several stages and even something that looks like animation (see the actual footage here).

I purchased "Da Vince Corpse" and "Uncle Charles" (smaller versions) for $140 total, including $20 postage to the Czech Republic (which includes package insurance).

Surprisingly, even Karolina "sort of" likes them and came up with the idea of buying the aunt for the uncle. We shall see...

If you have enough space (and money), I definitely recommend going for the large versions, the detail is really amazing.

UPDATE: I almost forgot: If you are really rich, for "at least $800" the author offers to create a custom changing portrait based on your photo! See the FAQ on his pages.


Anonymous said...

My granny has many pictures of her ancestors around the house, many of them already looking spooky. This would be great addition, although she wouldn't probably like it.

Anonymous said...

hey, post a pic of your granny, I bet she's hot!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to clean the mess that your visitors will do while going to the toilet in the middle of the night. Well it's your flat.