Friday, August 05, 2005

"Bloodthirsty Jewish terrorist"

OK, this is it. Israeli soldiers are now shooting Israeli Arabs (and then being lynched by them, it seems). This would mean that war on terror is officially over and the terror has won. Congratulations, terror.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to say this one time. The organism that committed this atrocity was sub-human. Not worthy of being considered as equal in any respect that matters to civilized or even uncivilized human beings. The sub-human organisms that trained him, supported him, encouraged him, taught him his hatred, supplied him with his weapon, directed his actions, laud and celebrate his his murders, either openly or in secret, excuse or attempt to justify his atrocity and otherwise attempt to make it possible for subhuman organisms like him to exist in today's world must be eliminated from this earth, either by the destruction of their loathesome ideologies or the destruction of the worthless, hateful, putrid wastes of skin and organs that carry and spread the ideology of murder and hatred like a disease. If there is ever to be peace it will only be after every last remnant of the culture of death that this latest bus slaughter is a symptom of is erradicated totally.