Sunday, January 21, 2007

The day after The Day After Tomorrow

I don't have to be an Al Gore fan to see that global weather is seriousely messed up and Mother Nature is getting seriously pissed.

In the last few years we had several critical floods, including the "500 year water". This year, the winter didn't come. No snow, high temperatures. Some trees are getting confused and started blooming. During the last few days, hurricanes. New record windspeeds. Three days ago, I was really afraid the wind will knock out our giant windows and the glass will kill me painfully. This is how the Stromovka park looked yesterday (click to see neighboring Flickr photos). There were dozens of ancient trees like this }stromovka was already ravaged by the flood a few years ago):


I am not optimist and I don't think this can be easily fixed even if all the governments immediately started cooperating on fixing it (which won't happen, of course). We probably have several years or decades of fairly carefree life left but we should start looking for other planets to fuck up pretty soon, I think.


Anonymous said...

Even though I actually am fan of Al Gore (or rather the stuff that he's doing), I don't think that all of this is really some kind of an "ultimate proof that the weather is fucked". I mean... new record windspeeds - okay, from which year was the previous record? It was like, 1970? So what was the reason back then? And the "500 year water", why was the nature so pissed off 500 years ago? I think that the extremes like these just happen, no matter what. And since there are records for just about everything, it's no wonder that every year a bunch of them is broken.

(Actually, I think that when the real effects of global warming kick in, it's gonna be much worse than this.)

Anonymous said...

Frantisku, nechci byt optimisticky ekolog, ale tak to podle mne proste chodi. Vitr je, byl a bude. Zaplavy se taky objevovaly, proto jsme prece regulovali koryta, ne? Problem je, ze ted jsou zaplavy vyrazne silnejsi kvuli tomu, ze jsme vykacely lesy v horach a voda se nema kde podrzet, ale nerekl bych, ze to je neco, co Matka Priroda vraci svym nezbednym detem. Napriklad pred cca 27 lety klesla pres noc teplota o desitky stupnu. A taky neprisla doba ledova (i kdyz podle nekterych vedcu jsme jejim pocatku). Podle mne to bude mnohem drsnejsi, az se zvedne hladina oceanu, golfsky proud se zmeni, Evropa zamrzne, Asii dojde pitna voda a Jizni Amerika si vykaci vetsinu pralesu... O Africe nemluvim, ta je ztracena uz ted..

Anonymous said...

co to je za traparnu??

Anonymous said...

Just a nitpick: it wasn't Hurricane, but Orcan.