Thursday, January 04, 2007


What's that on Albert's back?


It's a nice photographic tripod from Joby called "Gorillapod", whose legs are firm yet flexible and can be e.g. wrapped around any tree branch or railing. There are three sizes available (Albert is wearing the middle one) and while it's not exactly "small", it's extremely lightweight (and can be folded into any position when carried)! Just what you need for those unplanned night shoots.

Gorillapod can already be bought in the Czech Republic.


suczker said...

Fiiiirst :DD - How about submiting this one to "User action shots" on - I consider your use very geeky :DDD

Anonymous said...

když už, tak a řadit podle ceny ;-)

a souhlasím s předchozím komentářem, neprovádějte pokusy na té nebohé němé tváři...

Anonymous said...

You are right, Albert does not look exactly happy, does he.

Anonymous said...

I guess, he doesn't look more or less happy then any other time.

What about shooting video this way? it is unique chance to see how your dogs see the world