Sunday, January 07, 2007

Super Columbine Massacre

There is an interesting new RPG game for Windows called Super Columbine Massacre. It's freeware.

It uses the retro 8-bit-like RPG engine (in fact, it was created using RPG Maker) and allows you to experience the killings at the Columbine High School and the events that followed (going to Hell, meeting Pikachu, Santa, Nietzche and Satan, etc.) from the perspective of two young killers.

I'd probably be interested in the game in any case because ANY game about Columbine massacre has to be super-bizarre, but this one is also interesting social, political and/or artistic statement. If you don't own Windows or if you suck at RPGs, you can see the whole game being played (and finished) here:

The sensation of seeing cute 8-bit sprites re-enacting situations and dialogues from that fateful day is something you don't experience often in the videogames...

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