Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do androids dream of screensavers? (Plus Hedvicek)

Sorry for not updating lately, I've been busy doing some interesting things. To have at least some update, I'll direct your attention to Electric Sheep, which is the most amazing screensaver EVER and is available for Linux and Windows (and other platforms, I think).

It makes your computer a part of large network which collaboratively creates amazing animated mutating sequences which are then played back by the screensaver. It requires your computer to be online while the screensaver is active but it's worth it. (P.S: If it says "Your animations will be ready in a few minutes" and nothing happens for several hours, just be patient - the central server is probably overloaded.)

On a different note: For all of you who are asking me who the hell is Ross Hedvicek: The short version would probably be that he's a cunt but that's not very informative thing to write so I'll have to get back to this topic later, in more detail. It's rather complicated to provide all the info if you don't speak Czech and cannot read many megabytes of text written by him and about him on the Czech Internet. And I am not sure if explaining all the Hedvicek's mysteries is worth my time. I'll just say that, as far as I know, he's a real living person and not someone's idea of a joke.


František Fuka said...

Maybe. Send your photo.

Ross Hedvicek said...

I am disappointed that Frantisek Fuka is trying to make a name for himself in English speaking world by writing about me. And that all in spite of several of my offers of civilized communication.