Friday, April 28, 2006

Linux Xara Xtreme: Almost there!

I watch with anticipation how Open Source version of this vector drawing program comes along and starts resembling something useful. Note that Xara Xtreme is not being developed for Linux from scratch - it's being ported from originally closed source commercial project. That means the features keep appearing very quickly.

While testing today's build, I noticed that "Save" now works. That means I can start trying out various more complicated tutorials. It looks very, very promising. Give it a try: Just download and unzip the short archive anywhere and run the only binary you find in it.

Of course, don't forget that it's currently beta, maybe even less than that. Many features are not yet implemented/ported but it's surprisingly stable.


Silencer said...

Do you condemned Inkscape? Is Xara so much better than my favourite?

František Fuka said...

I tried Inkscape and found it cumbersome and very slow even for my simplistic doodling. But I cannot do any serious comparison with Xara because I didn't use any of them nearly enough. Let's just say the demo images included with Xara look better :)