Friday, May 12, 2006

What the hell is "Google Co-op"?

Google Co-op was just launched and, based from what I've read on other sites, most people really have no idea what the hell is it about. The Google itself is at fault because, frankly, their page about "Co-op" is rather confusing. Please read this very well written article with examples. Also look here.

Also, GTalk WWW interface is now supposed to have sound (embedded Flash should produce a beep when someone messages you). I don't hear anything. Is this a problem with Linux Firefox (maybe it requires Flash 8?) or is it simply not yet implemented?

UPDATE: Mystery solved! At least, the mystery of Flash beeping in GTalk. The trick is that it works (even under Linux) but the beep is only produced when the browser window with GMail/GTalk is not the topmost window! This is definitely a feature, not a bug.


Anonymous said...

I have problems with Flash & sounds everywhere. Flash imho uses OSS which shouldn't imply that it won't play anything (unless you have properly configured ALSA with dmxi plugin) but it does.

Try to stop all audio apps & restart firefox to see if it makes a difference. Works for me, but it's useless in this case anyway :-/

Anonymous said...

"have no idea what the hell is it about" is not correct, nepřímý otázky sou svině :-p

Ross Hedvicek said...

Well, it is slightly bumpy, but his English is much better than I expected anyway... let the little girl dance, okay?