Monday, May 08, 2006

Google Calendar import weirdness

I understand that Google Calendar (gCal) is still in Beta but I am not sure if its various quirks are design decisions or errors. I am talking about my list of film releases I provide in an ICAL format here. If you add the previous link to your gCal, it will appear as "Filmove premiery" in your calendar.

I have two problems:

First of all: The description of this calendar (which you can see on the "manage calendars" page) is the old description (it still says "generated from 12-2006.xls", it should be "14-2006.xls"). It stays the same since the days I first crteated this feed and does not update according to the ICAL file. (Note that all the events update correctly, only the calendar description lags behind!)

Second (and more problematic): Since the last week, all non-Ascii characters (Czech letters) in the calendar's events appear as question marks! This is really weird because the file is in Unicode and all the characters appeared correctly until the last week!

I asked in gCal Google Group but I really have no idea how to solve these problems...

UPDATE: Corrected the link.

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Anonymous said...

Frantisku, your first link is heading to your computer, not somewhere, where you wanna direct us, your readers. So, please make the things fine.