Monday, July 11, 2005

War is Hell

No, I don't mean the war on terror but the war I have some experience with: Fantasy boardgame war.

I collect (and even play) boardgames. (If you are registered at, you can view my collection here).

At Chotebor con, I played Heroscape again and found out it's surprisingly good game.

The boardgames usually come in two varieties: They are (usually!) either from big publishers and targeted to "average joe" gamers, or from lesser-known publishers and targeted to "hardcore" gamers. Heroscape is both!

It's being sold by Hasbro. That means a) it looks great (many, many painted figures and terrain parts in very large box), b) the rules are very simple - you can learn them literally in 5 minutes.

HOWEVER! The real fun starts when you have look the "advanced rules". They are more complex than your average Risk or Cluedo but still rather easy for seasoned gamer. By using them, Heroscape becomes intriguing even for seasoned gamer. You can also buy extra armies from various settings (this is not exactly "collectible" game - you know in advance what exactly you are buying in each pack).

More info about Heroscape here.


Anonymous said...

Nechybi ti v te sbirce Talisman?

František Fuka said...

I played Talisman long, long time ago (I never owned it).

Anonymous said...

and warmaster? i've seen your painted miniatures on your old homepage. what do you think about the game?

Anonymous said...

Heroscape is the favorite in my collection. Rules are easily adoptable even for non-gamers (parents, colleagues :-) and excellent workmanship (figures, tiles) makes it a very attractive and wanted part of our board game evenings.

Unfortunately, AFAIK the game is not sold here in Czech Republic. I bought the master set in London, but they did not have the add-ons that I'd like to have too. BTW: Fuxoft, thank you for the tip at that saved me 10 pounds, so I owe you a beer or an equivalent. May be we can meet sometimes and try some of the 2-set battle scenarios.

P.S.: It's a bit strange to write to another Czech in english, but as I understand, it's a kind of an unwritten rule of this site. Tastes differ :)

František Fuka said...

scott tiger: Yes, this blog is in English as a sign of solidarity with U.S. and English terror victims. Now, let's hope nothing blows up in China.