Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CNN: "Terror suspects have no right to be funny!"

This CNN story about cleared "suspected terrorist" was originally accompanied by this great photo:

What do you think? Could someone so cheerful and good-natured be able to harm a fly (or some skyscrapers)? His warm smile brings happiness to my heart.

However, about 30 minutes later, the photo was replaced by this one:

Shame on you, CNN!

BTW, what's with all the "suspected terrorist" crap (with "suspected" occasionally being dropped)? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Is it OK to call George W. Bush "suspected dog rapist" because I suspect him of this?


Anonymous said...

Also note the newspeak: it's "suspected TERRORIST" now, not "terror SUSPECT".

lemuel said...

Aaah, isnt he cute? Cuddliest terrorist around. If there is a Mister Terrorist Contest, he sure gets my vote.