Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alien 5: Devil Inside


Anonymous said...

haha, makes exactly the same noises as the dog in "The Thing"...I expected his face to split in half.

Dr.Sid said...

You two still need a lot of practice :-D


tlamiczka said...

Why do doggies hate it so much? Our little maltezian Bafi is totally adorable but when she sees nail pliers...well, she almost turns to one ton of green, angry muscles. huuuauuualk! :-)

Anonymous said...

Netrap ho, ty vole. =/

Anonymous said...

"The Thing"

yes, i had the same feeling like
it's from movie the thing not aliens.

Anonymous said...

Klasicky Pavlovuv pes, rek bych.
Kdyz pes vidi prvne v zivote cvakatko na drapky, nic mu to nerekne a URCITE takhle nereaguje.
Staci drapky pristrihnout parkrat prilis kratce = bolestive a mas tu Aliena.
Jen nechapu, proc se tim jeste chlubis.