Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Teddybear!

Tomorrow is "Children's Day". To commemorate it, offers webhosting for all children's project for free. Excellent. They even have cute little bear on their homepage, saying "Special offer for Children's Day!" (Click to see large screenshot.)

Speciální nabídka ke dni dětí....

Have you seen it? What are your feelings right now?
  1. You are laughing very hard.
  2. You are offended and are writing nasty letter to that company right now.
  3. You have no idea WTF is going on.
If 3) applies to you, google for "pedobear".

This is excellent. No matter how this came to be, no matter if the responsible person knew what that bear is, this is absolutely excellent. And very human. Our Slovak brothers rule.


Anonymous said...

did you laugh very hard, moron?

woppyce said...


Anonymous said...

I did laugh very hard, only moron here is you.

Anonymous said...

I almost died laughing with food all over screen :)

Anonymous said...