Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Videogame memories

I dare you to click here and read five guys ranting about their all-time top 20 games (i.e. 100 games in total, with some repetitions).

If you can still appreciate the beauty of Final Fantasy VII, 8-bit Zelda or the original Warlords, this is not only the ultimate nostalgia trip but also informative article about other gems you might have missed during the course of the years.


Anonymous said...

A nice list indeed, but where is Fallout? Where is System Shock? Two absolutely unforgettable games, if you ask me.

Andrej said...

Great list, thanks! I'm going to download some nice pieces...

Anonymous said...

too many console games! :)

Ok, at least I had one of those NES clones... So I know a few games from those lists :)

Eso said...
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Eso said...

A what

Another World
Shadow of the beast
Jedi Knight

Anonymous said...

oh my, I found behind some MC´s :)

Anonymous said...

part of code missing, what the heck...sorry