Sunday, December 04, 2005

OnHand PC - are you geeky enough?

I recently got a very special present: OnHand PC. It looks like rather big digital watch but is in-fact comparable to 8-bit microcomputer from 1980s (although its processor is actually 16bit). It was probably cutting edge technology back in 1998 when it was introduced (128KB ROM, 128KB RAM, 2MB Flash memory) but I doubt it was actually useful for anything even back then. The whole thing is navigated using miniature joystick and entering any text into its applications (it even has a word processor!) is much slower than writing SMS on your mobile phone.

Today you can buy it for $100 but it never sold well (as evidenced by the fact that the manufacturer gave 1000 of them to 9/11 rescurers for free). But it has extremely hardcore fans who created development evironment and several applications for it!

Yes, it's bulky and you have to press the button to actually see what time it is (unless you want to exchange the batteries each month). But there is something extremely geeky about this gadget and I feel like I am wearing a bit of history on my wrist. At least until the batteries run out...

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