Monday, October 10, 2005

Videogame Aesthetics

Sort-of continuation of the previous Mario post. There is a great article over here about "Videogame Aesthetics", i.e. about the fact that most videogame developers today strive for "realism" (by which they mean "scary plastic mannequin humanoids with ragdoll physics"), neglecting all the artistic and gameplay possibilities they are given by today's hardware.

If nothing else, the article mentions some great original games. I never heard of Spheres of Chaos before, which is best described as "Asteroids as designed by Hunter S. Thompson". I also wholeheartedly recommend "Rez" for PS2, which can be bought for bargain price today.

The author also gets bonus points for putting Jet-Set Willy next to the article title.

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duoludo said...

Nice one. Psychonauts over whatever-latest-engine-is-cool, anytime.