Sunday, February 14, 2010

Accessing Google Buzz from Google Apps Domain accounts!

When Google Buzz was recently launched, I was rather sad because I wasn't able to use it. It's currently only available from GMail (not from Google Mail on my domain, hosted by Google). I also have standard Google account for the same e-mail ( so that I can log into Google Reader or Google Maps, but this was also no help because you cannot have GMail for an account that doesn't end with "" (obviously).

However, I was able to access Buzz using my Android phone's browser (NOT using the Buzz mobile app), by simply visiting anc clicking "Continue on an usupported browser". I was then able to see the Buzz posts of my Friends and post my own. Even the geolocation and mini-maps were working (although there are probably many other features I cannot access at all, e.g. linking Buzz to different services).

This method also works with standard PC browser, providing you the way (although not very elegant) to access Google Buzz if your Google account is not - just visit from your standard desktop browser!

Accessing Google Buzz from Google Hosted Domain accounts

Disclaimer: I am not sure if I somehow discovered "a shape of things to come" or if this is a bug. I am also a little nervous because I am not sure what information is taken from which of my two "" accounts...


Anonymous said...

There are rumors that Google wants to use Buzz to mimic some of MS Sharepoint functionality, so they will likely enable it in Apps after some time.

Steve Pirk said...

Things to come? I have always wanted to link/merge my gmail and apps id into one interface - this might be worth playing with... If I all of the sudden disappear... well... ;-]

Martin said...

/apps/contacts seems not to work in Chrome, so you can't follow or change who you follow. Looks like the details come from your twitter + gmail contacts.