Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eradicating Fuxoft@Gmail.Com

I am in a rather complex process of eradicating all references to my fuxoft@gmail.com account from public view, while remaining dependent on Google services.

That means everything public from fuxoft@gmail.com is being transfered to fuka@fuxoft.cz Google account and "fuka" account at Google hosted "fuxoft.cz" domain - these are two different accounts, believe it or not! For example my e-mail and Jabber chat is being handled by fuxoft.cz Hosted Apps, while Google Reader or Google Notebook are handled byt "fuka@fuxoft.cz" standard Google account and linked accordingly (hopefully).

Why should you care?

You should care if you still use "fuxoft@gmail.com" in any form whatsoever in any contacts or services of your. You should replace all of them with "fuka@fuxoft.cz". The most important and not readily apparent stuff:
  • My E-Mail/Google Talk/Jabber id is fuka@fuxoft.cz (this is true for several months already, I am just repeating it in case you missed the change).
  • My "Shared Items" (interesting links) are now residing at the new address with much nicer URL: feeds.fuxoft.cz/Fuxoft/Shared (if this domain doesn't seem to work, wait a few hours for the DNS changes to propagate). If you subscribed to my Shared links before October 27, 2008, that feed will no longer be updated!
  • If you used one of the early Google Social features (for example "friend feeds" in Google Reader), you should remove/ignore fuxoft@gmail.com and add fuka@fuxoft.cz instead.
To make it easier for you: If you see the name "Frantisek Fuxoft" (instead of "Frantisek Fuka") anywhere, that means you are using the old contact (fuxoft@gmail.com) and you should replace it. Whew...

And while we are talking about friends and sharing, my "Activity stream" is at fuxoft.jaiku.com. This is a combined feed of "everything Fuxoft" - my blog posts regardless of language, my uploaded photos, my Jaiku status changes, my favorite discovered links, uploaded and discovered videos, etc...


Anonymous said...

I went through this process several months ago...
And even nicer link would be feedproxy.fuxoft.cz/Fuxoft/Shared (instead of feedproxy.google.com/Fuxoft/Shared)
Hledej, Smudlo!

FrantiĊĦek Fuka said...


Anonymous said...

V druhym odstavci mas chybu;)