Thursday, September 13, 2007

Photos Of Cute Small Animals

In its infinite wisdom, the Municipal Transit Authority of Prague requires each and every dog in tram, bus or Metro to be muzzled. The result? Chucky is a ninja!


And Albert doesn't care, as always...


Full photoset is here.

But that's not all! Today, when riding the bike in Letná park, I found exceedingly adorable kitten!


Her photoset is here. Remember, each time you masturbate, you kill one of these! (Or not?) Anyway, I was very tempted to take her home but remembered what Kryspin did to Albert and Chucky.

And, of course, the cutest small animal of them all is Jitushka and you are lucky she's not camera shy:


P.S: I also found this absolutely amazing dog on Flickr...


Satan said...

and where's Jitushka's muzzle?

Anonymous said...

Neprehanis to s tim kultem osobnosti ? :-D

Anonymous said...

anonymous: lol, a komentáře smrtelníků neznajících mistra Fuku ve stylu "tu brunetu bych opíchal a toho vola nakopl do koulí"