Sunday, May 27, 2007

HDR Tonemapping GUI For Linux

As far as I know, bizarrely named QTPFSGUI is the first Linux GUI application to tonemap High Dynamic Range images.

Without attempting to be too technical and without pretending that I am an expert at this stuff: You already could create HDR images from several versions of the same photo (with different exposures) in Cinepaint. But to convert HDR image to JPG or anything else that can be displayed on monitor (and looks trippy), you need to perform "tonemapping" which, until now - had to be painstakingly done using command line tools and Gimp.


QTPFSGUI makes tweaking all the parameters much more fun. Just have a look at my first experiment. Oh dear, it seems I have a lot to learn...


Anonymous said...

Photoshop mi zmenil zivot.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, zhodou okolnosti som cely vikend zabil programovanim zobrazovaca hdr obrazkov. Fotenie, konstruovanie hdr, rekontrukcia responce curve fotaku, vyvazenie bielej, tone mapping a spusta dalsich veci je naozaj veda. Ale ako vravi kamarat, najlepsie je aj tak fotit nahe baby :)