Monday, May 07, 2007

Game Over: The End Of A Legend

True story...


František Janák, jr. said...

Poor poor Mario. No surprise he became an addict with those endless official releases and unofficial homebrew variations and derivates. Great find, thanks for that video!

Anonymous said...

This is slowly but surely getting to be fucking booooring!
Nothing but shit about some obscure old video games or pics of miniature dog breeds incessantly fucking.
Come on, man! Shape up and start being entertaining again, like you used to be. Even your stupid Twitter, many times your "updates" are day old. What am I "currently doing?" Haha, good joke. Nobody really gives a shit that much about what you are "currently doing," such as "packing my bags" or "trying to sleep" and similar bullshit, don't be such a narcissist!
Notice the decline in comments, because nobody's got anything to say about this crap that you are posting here.
Wake up Fucka, you are in Tokyo no more and she's gone.