Friday, April 06, 2007

Urine Trouble Now!

Another wacky and funny adventure that could be made into sitcom!

Karolina leaves for the mountains for a few days (before Tokyo) and needed to leave Kryspin with me. She was supposed to bring him on Thursday. However, she unexpectedly called on Wednesday, brought Kryspin, said hello to a young girl studying on my sofa, wished us luck and left.

Albert was happy to see Kryspin, raced him for a little while and the peed on the sofa. While I was scolding him, Kryspin came and nonchalantly peed on the same sofa. While I was cleaning it and watching Chucky (who was shaking and not peeing), Albert peed again.

Next morning, there was urine on the blanket on the sofa, on Kryspin's condo and on the chair. I said goodbye to the student and called Karolina.

Thursday evening, she came for Kryspin and took him to her friend. I think Kryspin laughed when I last saw him through the bars of his cage...

UPDATE: Friday, 7:00 am - Chucky puked all over the new mattress. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Funnily narrated (as usual). But too little detail on that barely legal student (as usual).

Anonymous said...

I dunno about funny.
Maybe, just maybe, you "had to be there", huh?!
Several animals pissed on your sofa, haha goddamned hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if you mentioned it or I am too curious, but.. where is Karolina working?

Anonymous said...

Ha, the life with "small zoo" is really interesting, funny and full of surprises.
btw: good luck with cleanning the mattress :)

Anonymous said...

What about to start playing with "golden rain" with your Bunny-student?