Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hasta La Pizda, Jew

(This is taken from the current update of this infrequently updated page of mine about movie translations which probably no one reads, so I'm putting it here, too.)

Translating Borat:

Of course, I practically had to make up many new words and grammar for Borat to use (with lots of help from Tomas Baldynsky).

The joke at the dinner with the confusion about "retired" / "retard" cannot be translated and had to be replaced with something similar. After trying out several things, we settled on "emmental" / "mental". I.e. "I worked in construction, I am now retired" had to be changed to "I import cheeses, eidam, emmental..."

We changed the name of of Borat's son from "Huey Lewis" (who is almost unknown over here) to "Kessel Buntes" (the popular Communist Germany entertainment show was called "Ein Kessel Buntes").

"I am like the movie star, Dirty Harold. Go ahead, make my day, Jew." - This famous Dirty Harry line is totally unknown over here, mainly because it was translated differently in different releases of the movie (and not always correctly). In Czech, Borat says "I am like the movie star, Schwarz Nigger. Hasta la pizda, Jew" (where "pizda" is slang for "vagina"). Coincidentally, I originally thought "pizda" is much less vulgar (I only knew it as meaning "ugly woman") and was surprised when Disney dubbing supervisor didn't let me use it in "Cars". :)

Finally, one of the most baffling episodes in my translation career: I wanted to accurately translate the faux "Kazakhstan Anthem" at the end of the movie. However, the dialogue list didn't contain its text and only said "for translation, use the text in the rodeo scene" - which I couldn't do because the anthem in the rodeo scene is much shorter than the one at the end of the movie. I sent several e-mails to Fox and even asked at boards. No answer. Then I tried to translate the whole anthem just by ear. After I've done that, Fox issued a memo to all foreign distributors saying that "The anthem at the end MUST NOT BE TRANSLATED" and my translation had to be removed. Bizarre...


Unknown said...

If you'd make an RSS to your personal Czech Translations page, you'd need no reposts here. But anyway, I like your creative adapted translations.

Anonymous said...

I'm rather surprised to what extent the company "memos" can intervene in your work. Hats off!

Rimmer said...

A čím to, že na přiloženém videu s kazašskou hymnou JSOU anglické titulky? To je nějaký bonus z DVD nebo práce nějakého fanouška? Ve filmu si je nepamatuji. (A asi tam nebyly, jinak by to František nemusel překládat od ucha.)

Jan Vaněk jr. said...

Charvat.jiri: Yeah, I wondered too; but the description of the clip at YouTube says "Anthem from borats soundrtack, it comes with bonus video footage".

Fuxoft: By the mighty phenis of Hulán, can't you turn the captcha off for us non-anonymous?

František Fuka said...

jan vanek: People registered on SHOULDN'T see Captcha here! In fact, I cannot even turn this on or off, Blogger users never see Captcha!

Anonymous said...

It´s sort of OT, but I sincerely think you´d be pleased to hear part 4- a real FF tribute:

unless you haven´t already heard it...:-)

Anonymous said...

ahoj frantisku, do tve sbirky zprznenych prekladu bych ti nabidl, pokud jsi ho jiz nezaregistroval, jeden z klasicke segalovky "tezko ho zabit". je tam scena kdy jeden kriminalnik vypali z dvouhlavnove brokovnice a rika segalovi: " jeste je jeden naboj v leve hlavni".
tipl bych si, ze v originale to bylo "there's still one bullet left", coz je neco malinko jineho:)

Anonymous said...

Hard To Kill Script

Come on. Let's go, guys.
I'm missing the Oscars.

-Calabrese, nice to see you again.
-Nice to see you too.

This is our friend I told you about.


I know you.

Who are these other mystery guests?

Murder is a very serious
business, my friend.

And an expensive one.

You'll be very well compensated,
Mr. Calabrese.

Money now, and lots more
when I get in that office.

You can take that to the bank.

Slo wly. Slo wly.

And always with caution.

Listen! I want you to turn
Senator Caldwell into a memory.

I'm not waiting for him
to die of natural causes.

All I'm counseling is patience.

The man is public.
He's in the papers every day.

Next time I read about him,
it better be the obituaries.

Who are you?

Get out of the shadows.

Enough bullshit.

-Can you do this job or not?
-It'll be taken care of.

Gentlemen, enough bickering.
This is business.

I think we understand each other.

Then let's just stick to business.

It's a light plane.

A Lear P- .

We want it to take off.
We don't want it to land.

You told me this dock was clean.

Mikey! Quit playing
with yourself back there.

-Get that bastard!
-Let's get out of here.

I don't want him to get an hour older!

He won't, Mr. Assemblyman.

No kidding.

-And the winner is--
-Ben Kingsley for Gandhi !

Amigo , are you deaf?

Storm on .

Line .

Throwing away dimes now?

This doesn't go out.
For your ears only.


I got his ass on film.

You're full of shit.

Him and his pet cockroach, Valero.
On film and audio, laying out a hit.

Two guys I couldn 't make out.
I think they'll come up on film.

I think this is the big one.
Our own little Academy Award.

It's good. Ready?

-Listen, Carlito.

Nobody but us knows about this.

-You're welcome.

-How you doing tonight?
-What can I do for you?

Got any champagne?

Right next to the caviar.

-That was funny.

In the big cooler back there.

How come you're not watching
the Oscars tonight?

The Oscars?

I hate the Oscars.

You're not having a good time?

Who needs the goddamn movies?

I got a show in here every night.

You got horror, sex. . .

. . .freaks, violence.

And I don't got to pay no bucks.

You should film it.
Get your own show.

I'll be great in a porno.

Better dial .

You don't want to call .

Holy shit!

You remember me, viejo ?

That's right.

You remember.

He grew some hair
since we last seen him.

Not a lot!

Where's the rug?

You know what I want.
Go ahead!


That's my money!

Take my life savings.

Where's a cop when you need one?

They're out eating doughnuts.

I got half a mind to bash your--

Now you only got half a mind.

Take him out, man.

Let's go, hero!

That's it, right here.
What are you grinning at?

You know. . .

. . .there's only four of you guys. . .

. . .and you only have one shot left.

Go low, man!

Get the maricón, man!

What are you doing on the ground?!

I'll cut your heart out!

Yeah? Come and cut my heart out.

Come and cut my heart out.

Come on, punk.

I know what you're thinking.
Mine's bigger than yours.

It's not fair.

I'll throw it away.

What if I show you
what it's like to be a victim?

-Come on.
-You're fucking dead, man!

It's still not fair.
Okay, I'll get down on my knees.


Come get some.

Looks like you won the Oscar, Storm.

You'll be very well compensated,
Mr. Calabrese.

Money now, and lots more
when I get in that office.

You can take that to the bank.

I know that voice.

Is that you, honey?

Yeah, baby.

In the flesh.

What are you doing?
Come on.

I'm raiding the icebox.

I gave up my diet for Lent.


Does that put you in the mood?

Think this could do it?

I had to bribe him to go to bed
with six cookies. . .

. . .and a glass of orange juice.

I wish I could sleep like that.

Maybe I can help you.

Is that for me, Dad?

You faker.

Here you go.

There you go.

-Did you say your prayers?
-I wanted to do them with you.

There's a trick to getting
what you want when you say prayers.

What, Daddy?

You ask for things for other people,
like your mom and Uncle O'Malley.

Then how do I get stuff for myself?

That's why God invented work.

Want to say a little prayer with me?
Come here.

Want to say your prayers?

Now I lay me down to sleep.

And we say together:
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I die before I wake. . .

. . .I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Amen. Very good.

Good night, Dad.

Sleep well, champ.

Here's to us.

I had a shitty day today.

There's blood on your shirt.

It's not my blood.

So you don't have to worry.

If people knew how sweet you are. . .

. . .they'd never be scared of you.

I'm not scared of you.

Maybe you should be.

We'll try to squeeze it in.

I'm in a silly mood.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm ready.




Sweet dreams.

Becker! Storm on !

I got the coke on the dresser.
Put yours in the nightstand.

I got it.

Fix his ass!

Got all the tapes?

A shitload. Hurry!

Just hurry!

The kid!

Get that kid and kill him!

That fucking Storm!

Get your ass in the van
and stop complaining.

-What happened, Max?
-Another dead asshole. Let's go!

Assemblyman Trent,
when did you meet Mason Storm?

I've known him since. . .

Jesus Christ!

. . .I was City Attorney. . .

. . .and he was a young. . .

. . .homicide detective.

We worked together. . . .

We worked on several cases.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Assemblyman Vernon Trent. . .

. . .distraught over the loss
of an officer he knew.

Terrible circumstances here
outside the emergency room. . .

. . .and a calamity-filled mob scene
of policemen. . . .

What makes people do this?

Would somebody please tell me that!


Captain Hulland!

Is he a national treasure?

Blood pressure: over .

I get no pulse.

They always said Storm was superhuman.

Know why?
He was jacked up on coke.

I'll tell you something.
He was the cleanest man I knew.

He had more honor than
this whole department.

If I ever hear you
talk that puke again. . .

. . .I'll put you where you belong.

What the fuck is l.A. doing here?

-Taking over the show.

This is Homicide, not lnternal Affairs.

We got cops down with
money and drugs all over.

This came from the commissioner.

Capt. Hulland?

Storm is dead.

O'Malley. . .

. . .I know you and Storm were tight.

For what it's worth. . .

. . .I'm sorry.

The most unstoppable
son of a bitch I ever knew.

He got stopped tonight.

Excuse me.
Are you with the police?

Lt. O'Malley.
What do you got?

A live cop is what I've got.

-Lieutenant, what's happening?
-No comment. It's over.

We've got a pulse.

Your man's alive, Lieutenant.

Who else knows he isn't dead?

Just the people in here.

I want to see each of them.

And no one else comes in here
as of now. You got that?

Lieutenant, this is still a hospital.

I appreciate your problem.

But I'm acting under orders
of the police commissioner.

-I hope you can document that.
-I can and will.

Mason Storm's going to vanish,
and you'll help make that happen.

Till he can give us some answers,
the deader he is, the safer he is.

Don't worry, buddy.
I'm in your corner.

--and you can take that to the bank!

The governor appointed
Assemblyman Vernon Trent...

... to the Senate seat vacated by
the tragic death of Caldwell.

You inspire me to work harder.
I will not tolerate crime.

And you can take that to the bank!

It's a.m.

Morning, Martha.

What do we got?
"lnquiring minds want to know"?

Doctor Carlin's ordered
a glucose drip for Jimmy C.

Max's E.E.G. monitor's
developing a nice electronic hiccup.

Poor Max!

And your boyfriend turned his head.

He did?

I thought he was going to sit up.
I almost shit.

See you for a cup of tea
in a few minutes.

I knew it.

You moved your head today,
you little devil.

Let's see,
what can I do for you here?

Very nice!


I've got a little surprise for you.

Be right back.

Would you like a little pussy?

A little bitty pussy.
Look what I've got here.

John Doe, can you hear me?

I know my words are getting through.
I don't care what the doctors say.

I'm going to keep
talking to you today. . .

. . .and tomorrow and the day after,
till you respond.

Besides, you've got so much to live for.

Please wake up!

Got to go see Jimmy C.


Stupid machine.



We'll run some tests.
Alert X-ray for a CAT scan.

Call the lab.
We need a complete blood work-up.

John Doe.

Here we are.

Internal Affairs.
Detective Sergeant Goodhart.

My name's Andrea Stewart. I'm calling
from the L.A. Coma Research Center.

I'd like to speak to
Captain O'Malley, please.

What is this in regards to?

I have a John Doe coma patient,
code access -Zebra. . .

. . .with instructions to notify
in case of change in condition.

What's the change?

The patient has come out
of a coma after years.

Nolan, get Hulland, quick.

I'm sorry, Captain O'Malley's
no longer with this division.

I'll take the information.

And please, contact
no one else on this matter.

It would be better
for the patient's welfare.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the President of the United States.

President Bush has caught
the public eye with his antics.

From throwing the first ball
on opening day...

... to kissing a pig
for the farmers ' affections.

George Bush is becoming
a real crowd-pleaser.

This is Andrew Louis
for Cable Hospital News.

What year is it?

-Try not to talk.
-What year is it?

It's .

Your charts go back for years.

Do you have any recollection
of anything?

I remember everything.

You're the first patient
to come out of a coma of this duration.

You'll be famous.
You'll be on the news.

Listen to me very carefully.

I'm a cop.

My wife and family were murdered.

That's how I got here.

If you don't get me out
of this hospital. . .

. . .within an hour, we'll both be dead.

You're my cutest patient,
but not my only one.

-You're making a mistake.
-I'll be back.

No! Don't go.

How's it going, brother?

Who are you?

I'm Danny, the physical therapist.
I'm going to give you a massage.

-I'll make you feel all right.
-Get the fuck out.

I'll just take you down the hall.

Can I see your list of patients
in your coma care unit?

Get me out. Thanks for the massage,
but stop and get me out of here.

Just relax. You'll get out
of here real soon, I promise.

Morning, Sheri.
How you doing?

Thank you.

Thank you.

-You know that doctor?

John Doe!

Excuse me.


I have to check everyone
on these floors.

Can I get your l.D., please?

You can't have too much security.

If you feel up to it, I'll get you some
lemon chiffon pie out of the freezer.

Get me out of here.

Don't worry.
I'll take good care of you.

If you want, I'll hook you up
with some pizza.

You got to learn to relax.

Give me a little help.

Give me some help down here!

What's he doing down there?!

What's wrong?


What happened?

He's dead.

My poor back!

You son of a bitch!

Storm, you son of a bitch!

Oh, my God!

Russ! Danny!

I'll get you, Storm!

J.D. !

Oh, my God!

Now will you listen to me?

Hold tight!



Hang on!

Watch out!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are going to put a stop to it. . .

. . .and we're going to start right here!

We are going to put an end. . .

. . .to violence in this state.
And you can take that to the bank!

Hulland, plaster Storm's ass
with slime in the press.

Make him responsible for that
hospital mess. Tail people he knows.

We know how to do our job.

Then show me. I'm starring in the
son of a bitch's home movies.

If that crap gets out,
I'm looking at years.


Who's this guy?

Our program came to an
unexpectedly violent conclusion.

Are you crazy?
I can't come in to work.

I can't even go
to my apartment, Martha.

People are dead.

Then where are you?

I can't tell you. Besides,
you're better off not knowing.

The people 's candidate, Senator
Vernon Trent, promises no new taxes.

And you can take that to the bank!

What'll I do with this guy?
I want to help him. . .

. . .but he's all over TV.
He's a crooked cop involved in--

Why are you out of bed?

I've got you.

Police speculate that Storm...

... who is known to have ties
with criminal elements...

...could have involved
his contacts in his escape.

Storm was thought to have been
a murder victim. A casualty...

...of his own greed.
A widespread search is now being--

This is Mason Storm. I'd like
to speak with Jerry Dunphy.

No, it's not a joke.

We can't stay here.
They'll trace us from the hospital.

Nobody knows I'm here.
I'm housesitting.

It belongs to a friend of my parents.

He's in China on research for months.

The medical center
only has my apartment address.

Not even my friends have this number.

You've got to believe me.

You're safe here, okay?

This reporter was contacted personally
by the infamous "Coma Cop"...

...fugitive officer Mason Storm...

... who, until days ago,
had been in a -year coma.

Storm said he's innocent of charges
made against him in the press...

...and that he has
indisputable proof of this.

He has promised me a first look
at his alleged proof.

I want -hour surveillance
on that son of a bitch. . .

. . .and those nurses from the hospital.

No, I can do it myself.

You do it then.

You give me this beard?

You tried.

-You ever been to Chinatown?
-Yeah. Why?

This is a list of herbs and needles
that I need for my recovery.

Where did you learn to write Chinese?

When I was a kid, my dad was a
missionary. I was raised in the Orient.

As a young white boy over there. . .

. . .I needed to learn how to fight,
as you can imagine.

I remember. . .

. . .my first martial arts teacher
said to me:

"So why do you come to me?"

I say,
"To learn how to fight. "

And he says,
"So you want to hurt people.

But do you want to be great?"
I say, "Yeah.

I want to be great. "

He says, "Then first learn how
to heal people to be great.

To hurt people is easy. "

Look at you!
You look great.

Like it?

That's enough.
Why don't you go sit down?

That bad?

If you need me,
I'll be in the outer room.

O'Malley's the key.
We must find him.

You can't compare blood pressure
now with when you're in a coma.

What's this?
over four digits.

That's crazy.
Let me see that.

Martha's chicken scratches.
She probably can't even read them.

You know what it is?

It's a phone number.

When you phoned I asked
everyone here at the home. . .

. . .and there is no O'Malley here.
But it is possible. . .

. . .O'Malley is a relation
of someone here.

Why not leave me your number and
I'll call you if there's any contact.

Can I phone you?

Of course, my dear.

-Here, let me do that.
-That's all right.

You old devil!

Mason Storm.

Hi. I'm sorry.

I don't mean to interrupt.

I was just passing by and I thought. . .

. . .you might like a flower.

I like that.

Now I lay me down to sleep....

Now we say it together, okay?

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I die before I wake...

...l pray the Lord my soul to take.

This is Martha Coe.
I can 't come to the phone--

Pick up, Martha.
Please pick up!

Are you there?
I'm coming over.

Are you there?
I'm coming over.

You called it right, Axel.

Our girlfriend just showed up.

Martha, open up.
It's me.

What's up?

Looking for Martha?

You know where she is?

You haven't seen the news?

She's dead.

She was strangled over in Westwood.

Know something?

You look like the bitch
whose picture's on TV.

The one whose house they found her at.

Hey, get over here!

Okay, boys, mount up.

Ernie, you forgot my buttermilk!



That's Sonny, all right.

The kid's a track star.

He does the hundred in flat.

He's going to be real fast,
like his old man was.

What do you mean "was"?

I'm not over the hill.

At least, I hope not.

How'd you pull this off?

He made it to my house
the night you were shot.

I got him hidden, played it out
like he was dead. . .

. . .staged his funeral
with yours and Felicia's.

Everybody bought it.

Where is he?
ls he safe?

Ventura Trinity Prep School,
under my mother's maiden name, Wade.

No one has any idea that he's your son.

So that was your mother that Andy found.

Your nurse friend? Yeah.
She left a number and I traced you here.

I don't know how to thank you.

I have no words.

Just seeing your ugly ass alive
is enough for me.

That night in the hospital. . .

. . .I found the audio tape in your vest.

I must've played that tape times. . .

. . .Iooking for little quirks
in the voices, phrases that repeat.


Where is the tape?

-I turned it in for evidence.

Don't worry, I made a dupe.

Meanwhile, I thought you'd
take some pleasure in this.

And there's more in the car.

You were not wrong, my friend.

You were not wrong.

What's happened to you?

I was on the case
maybe a year and a half. . .

. . .trying to find out
who pulled the trigger.

But it was like swimming through shit.

Everywhere I turned,
people told me to back off, get lost.

Then one morning the phone rings.

Immaculate Heart Emergency.

Someone ran my mother off the road.

Her back's broken.
She's paralyzed.

I'm sorry, O'Mal.

That night, there's a note in my locker
telling me it's no accident.

What the hell could I do?

I've got my hands tied behind
my back. I can't wave or salute.

So I put my papers in.

Took a / pension.

You know me,
I never would have backed off.

But there was Sonny to worry about.
What if they found him?

-Or you?
-No, you did the right thing.

Then wasn't the time.

Now's the time.

We're outgunned and undermanned,
but we're going to win.

And I'll tell you why.

Superior attitude,
superior state of mind.

We'll get them, buddy.

Believe me.

Every fucking one of them.

One more favor:
Get Sonny out of that school now.

With me up and running, they'll
do anything to find Sonny to get to me.

Get him someplace safe, anywhere.

Consider it done.

I'm going straight to get that film.

As soon as you get that audio,
and Sonny's safe. . .

. . .we'll bring it in to Jerry Dunphy.

We'll see quite a show on the news.

You got it, partner.

I must've played that tape

...looking for little quirks
in the voices, phrases that repeat.

Two guys I couldn 't make out,
but they'll come up on the film.

-You can take that to the bank.
-I know that voice.

Your charts go back years. Do you
have any recollection of anything?

I have them on the same film in
the same camera, right where I left it.

The people 's candidate, Senator
Vernon Trent, promises no new taxes.

And you can take that to the bank.

You can take that to the bank.

I'm going to take you to the bank,
Senator Trent.

To the blood bank.

Martha's dead.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

O'Malley was here today.

He was?
How did he get here?

You found him.
The old lady was his mother.

My son's alive.

We better get out of here.
Really. Let's go.

This ain't going to be
my best packing job.

Where are we going?

Out of here.

-Hurry up.
-I'm just about done.


It's jammed!

Let's go.

Get down!

Come quick.
Let's go!

I'll slit your throat!

You're going to bleed like a pig!

They're out back!

We're on them!

Hang on!

You son of a bitch!

I forgot to lock the door.

You like my coche ?

How hot is it, homes?


You got it.

Maybe you should wear
these kind of clothes all the time.

Only next time,
we'll use your credit card.

Daddy, I don 't want you to go.

You look really great for someone
who changed in a gas station.

We're from Hillstar Real Estate.
We can market your home effectively.

We aren't even thinking about selling.

In fact, we're adding a nursery.

It's a mess!

-I'd love to see the nursery.
-Over here.

We don't know if it's a girl or a boy. . .

. . .so we did a splatter effect.

-What are you doing?
-Raiding the icebox.

The plasterer might have fallen!

What about your baby?

Just the way I left you.

Good grief!

I'm sorry, but I think your
contractor's doing a lousy job.

These things happen.

Thank God!

Hang on, Mrs. O'Malley.

O'Malley left there
hours ago with the tape.

It doesn't matter about the tape.

We have to get this film
to Dunphy's studio. . .

. . .before I have a nervous breakdown.

Mrs. O'Malley, listen.

I'm across from the Bonaventure Hotel.

I need you to do me a favor.

Have O'Malley deliver a message
to the desk under Andrea Smith.

No, we're not checking in.
That's too dangerous.

But the desk will hold the message
if you tell them we're coming in later.

All right? Thanks.

Andrea. . .

. . .Smith.

Bonaventure Hotel. . .

. . .and leave a message. . . the desk.

Baby, that's beautiful!

I love it.

Where's my glove, Uncle Mal?

Take it easy.
Sonny, hurry up, dear.

Sonny, forget the mitt.
We got to get going.

The number for the
Bonaventure Hotel, please.

When this is over. . .

. . .you, me and your pop
will rent a boat. . .

. . .and catch the biggest fish in the sea.
I'm not talking goldfish either.

The last time I went fishing with Pop. . .

. . .we caught an old tire.

Not this time, Sonny.
We'll get us a big, fat tuna.

It's them.

Let's go.

Captain Hulland, L.A.P.D.

I need to check any messages
for an Andrea Smith.

Do you have any messages
for an Andrea Smith, please?

Don't worry, Sonny's okay.

He's with O'Malley, who has the tape.
They're headed for Union Station.

Great. Let's go get the car.
Just a minute.

Cover me.

Don't move!
You're surrounded.

Send for backup!

Hey! You can't do that in Dallas!

That's a rented car!

Get the goddamn car.

Get the car!

Your train's the Southwest Chief.

It departs for Albuquerque at : .

Have a safe trip.

My hands are shaking.

Don't worry, kid.

Even your old Uncle Mally's paws
wobble a bit from time to time.

Put this on.

Watch out for the hot dog.
Don't spill mustard.

I know it's hard to put together
after all these years.

I'm sorry I told you your dad
was dead. I thought it was best.

I know it's awkward.

But your father loves you very much.

You've got to get to know each
other again. It'll take time.

Now listen up.

If your dad gets here on schedule,
you both get on the train.

If he doesn't, you'll be going alone.

One of us will be one step behind.
Don't worry.

One step behind.

Just like we planned in the car
on the way here.

O'Malley, long time no see!

Make sure your father gets this.

Are you taking a trip?

Yeah, me and my kid are visiting
my mother in New Mexico.

That's your son?

Funny, he doesn't look much like you.

Does he, Quentero?

As a matter of fact. . .

. . .I think I've seen
his ugly face before.

Kind of looks like Mason Storm.

Enough of this fucking around.
We want the tape.

Run, Sonny!

Take him!
We're going after the kid.

I love you, Sonny.

You fucks don't deserve your badges!

Come here,
you little son of a bitch!

-The kid's got the tape.
-Get his ass!

He's going in the alley!

I'll call the police!

Get out of the way!

Help! Help!

This guy's crazy.
He broke my gate!


Please stop!

My hand's bleeding bad.
Go ahead!

You little bastard!

Come on, don't mess with me!

You fuck! My leg!

Come here or I'll kill you!

I broke my fucking leg!

Coma Cop, let's see what you got.

-Take care of him.
-Where are you going?

One more take-out order.
You're safe with her.

You're okay with me.

Who are you?

It's a very long story.

You got a few minutes?


I know it's a bad time,
but things have happened--

I want Quentero and the others here now.

Storm is just nuts enough
to come after me.

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Can we have a little privacy, please?

I'll be downstairs.

We're not going to make the
ballet tonight. Take a hike.

Get lost!

I'll show you guys how to break.

How's the action, boys?

Mind if I play?

I know you're thinking, if I have
this in my hand, I can't play.

How's this?

I'll put it away.

Well? Somebody hand me a cue.


That's for my wife.
Fuck you and die!

Son of a bitch!

How does it feel to know
you're about to die?

I'll give you more time
than you gave my wife and son.

I got to tell you!

You can't do this!
It wasn't me!

Now you're a good cop.


Let's try in here.

Maybe you're behind this painting.

No. You're so good at this, Vernon.

Maybe you're under the bed.

No, not under the bed.

What about in here?

Vernon, where are you?

How do you like this, Vernon?

I'd like to kill you so bad,
I can barely contain myself.

But I've been thinking.

Death is far too merciful
a fate for you.

So what I'm going to do is. . .

. . .put you in prison.

A nice petite white boy like you
in a federal penitentiary. . . .

Let me put it this way: You won't be
able to stay anal-retentive very long.

I'm going to take
these handcuffs here. . .

. . .then I'll arrest you and
I'll take you in. How's that?


Drop the gun! Slowly!

Get on your knees,
with your hands in the air.

Thank God!
Thank God you guys are here!

Do it now!

You got to stop him.

Let me go! Storm, no!

Storm, no!
Hold it right there.

Sergeant, talk to him.
Tell him to let me go.

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun.

We saw the film.

We know you were set up.

Senator, you're under arrest.

Cuff him.

What the hell are you talking about?

What are you talking about?
You can't do this to me!

I'm a senator, for Christ's sake!
You can't do this to me!

We're sorry, Storm.

You're a dead man, Storm!

-Are you all right?
-I love you, Storm.

I'm the Senator!

How about a nice vacation?

This guy is going to be famous.

I can hear tomorrow's weather report.
"Killer Storm strikes back. "

It shows Senator Trent making a deal
with his underworld cronies.

You'll be very well
compensated, Mr. Calabrese.

Money now, and lots more
when I get in that office.

And you can take that to the bank.

We have the greatest respect
for Storm 's courage.

You told me this dock was clean.
What the hell's going on here?

Are you people listening to me?

Special help by SergeiK

Anonymous said...

Anonym brokovnice:

to se mi jevi vyznamove stejny, nechapu co myslis?!

Anonymous said...

Brokonym: Autor to asi překombinoval -vycházel z informace že nejdřív spouští pravá hlaveň a potom levá.

Mě kdysi celkem pobavily titulky v kursu ruštiny "Kapusta" a tam ani nešlo o překlad... postava řekla "skupina Leningrad cowboys" a v titulcích bylo Leningrad town boys.

Anonymous said...

Predesly anonym:

To taky nechapu, protoze u dvouhlavnovy brokovnice vystreli hlavne podle toho jakou ze dvou spousti zmacknes driv a ne ze nejdriv prava a pak leva:)

Pointa prispevku o "there's still one bullet left" mi unika a tvoje taky.

Anonymous said...

Nikoliv nezbytně :D
Třeba má jednu spoušť... a jinak, v zájmu pohotovosti se předpokládá že nejdříve stiskne přední.

Anonymous said...

Pointa prispevku o "there's still one bullet left" je podle me v tom, ze preklady nekdy delavaji lide s jednou lekci anglictiny a takovi u slova "left" znaji jen vyznam "levy".

Anonymous said...

tak se hlasim znova ohledne segala. dik za zkopceni scenare, kde v originale to zahlasil segal ( blbe sem si to zapamatoval a myslel sem puvodne, ze ten sigrik) teda jako: "...and you only have one shot left.", coz ovsem pointu zmrveneho prekladu prilis nemeni:)

Anonymous said...

Jooo takhle...
To mi nedoslo. Tak jak to bylo podany v prispevku mne proste nebylo jasny, proc by byl takovy nasmysl, ze ma jeste jeden naboj v ty druhy hlavni :)