Monday, November 13, 2006

Watch this!

I was just thinking about buying a new wristwatch because I am not happy about Orient watch I bought last time. I bought really simple and rather elegant analog mechanical watch with no fancy functions. However, I found out I have a real problem with its precision. It drifts by about 1 minute each week. I guess this is normal with mechanical watches (this was not an expensive piece of jewelry).

However, that's why I decided to go for something really fancy this time. First I thought about radio-controlled watch, then about GPS watch. I wanted some "bizarre digital technology", not necessarily expensive, but not looking like $20 shit.

But then I discovered which sells dozens of ABSOLUTELY BIZARRE, unique and totally unpractical digital watches. Reading the correct time on some of them requires rather complex math operations.

If you order stuff for more than $85, the shipping is free worldwide. And if you discover the special code, you can have $16 discount (I did).


Anonymous said...

i didn't know what should i give as a christmas present; now i don't know...which one

zirafka said...

They are absolutely great. But why do not they offer some elegant subtile lady watches? I definitely want one!

This is my favourite
Elegant, simple, easier readable than dial watch. But unfortunately too large for my wrist.

Fuxoft said...

zirafka: Don't they specifically state with some watches that they are "suitable for small hands"? The LED technology they are using in most of their watches probably requires a little bit more space than usual. I don't know, maybe you should eat more to have bigger wrists. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for make me thinking about advantages of more eating. I am mental fighting with glass of Nutella for some hours. Now I can eat it with clear conscience. I need fat wrists (-:
But fat little giraffe -- that sounds odd )-:

BTW -- bonus code: I think I know hours and tens of minutes. Have you recognise minutes from picture or with help from some site with other watch?

Anonymous said...

why this stupid comment system make Anonymous of me every time I press "Preview" ))-:

zirafka said...

And without "Preview" too. ))-: grrrr!

Sorry for double posting

Anonymous said...

And would you tell us, which model appealed you the most and is now looking forward to have the immense honour of being weared on your hand?

Perk said...

I have a Casio digital watch. It is obsolete model with databank (funny in cellphone era). I think battery is running low! Light and alarm is not functional and time drifts abut 1 minute per month (it was 1 to 2 seconds before). But it is 10 years old(!!!) This battery many times overlived the plastic chassis.

Anonymous said...


MUlDr said...

Absolutely delicious! Storm watches seem to be ridiculously old-fashioned compared to Tokyo Flash :)

Marthy Luy said...

Tokyoflash watches
and you will be the coolest Tokyo-Psycho-Pimp =D