Monday, August 14, 2006

My need for a special Linux feedreader alerts

Let me tell you about what I need:

I am subscribed to many different newsfeeds using my account. That means I get approximately one fresh newsitem each 1 or 2 minutes! That's the reason why I need to have some Linux feed reader / notifier which could display sort of popup windows or ticker areas with the latest headlines from my Google Reader feed.

I tried something called "Liferea" but it didn't even accept the feed from Google Reader as a valid feed (maybe because it's Atom, not RSS?).

Note that the "notifier" part is more important than "feed reader" part. If there is good Linux notifier program available (which fully supports UTF8), I can easily create my own script which checks my feed regularly and tells the notifier what to display. However, I didn't find the right standalone popup/ticker notifier software yet. Any help?


finn said...

Lirefea accepts Atom feeds, there should be no problem.

Fuxoft said...

No, really, it doesn't. Maybe it's because the URL is very long, with question mark and ampersands?

mhsh said...

This feed does not work in Liferea because it's not valid. See The Gmail feed is Atom too and works. (Feed source: command; Source: curl -s -u [user]:[password]

mhsh said...

Quote: with question mark and ampersands
It's not necessary, " atom/user/{number}/state/ works as well.

Fuxoft said...

mhsh: I tried exactly this in Liferea and it's still "Feed not available" when I force the update. However, the same URL seems to display the correct XML in Firefox... ???

mhsh said...

Why don't you just export all the feeds from Google reader into a OPML file and import it to Liferea?