Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Face of Death

I had a misfortune of seeing really bad Laurel & Hardy movie from the 1940s, called "The Big Noise". What intrigued me was the small kid which appeared in the movie as "standard cute kid" but I had such a weird feeling when I saw his face - as if it said "I kill small animals and someday I'll kill you all". Just for the fun of it, I looked at IMDB what became of him - and bingo!

Robert Blake

It was Bobby Blake who later became "Robert Blake", became semi-famous in TV series "Baretta" in the 70s and became really famous a few years ago when he planned the murder of his wife together with his bodyguard!


Anonymous said...

No aby toho nebylo malo, tak si zahral vraha v In Cold Blood ( ... jak priznacne :)

Anonymous said...

He was found not guilty.

Anonymous said...

Not guilty... But later he was found liable for her death at the civil court. Much like OJ :-)