Monday, September 12, 2011

RetroVirus255: A game where you have to read the instructions first

I always liked "hack'n'slash" mini-RPGs, where you could pop in for a few minutes, play a level or two, and then forget about it.

I always disliked the RPG games where you could gain significant rewards just by semi-randomly clicking on nearby enemies, with occassional pause to auto-heal.

That's why I created RetroVirus255 game. If you just start playing blindly and clicking in enemies, you will be dead in a few seconds.

It's a cross betwen RPG and puzzle game, because the combat is deterministic - it has no random elements at all.

Unfortunately, it has some some social elements and you have to be on Facebook to play it. Go here to try it out.


Jameson said...

Hulan & Fuka on one picture, the end of the days is near!

Anonymous said...

So it's something like Desktop Dungeons, only worse?