Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tokyo: Still Crazy!

I'm back from Tokyo (for the fourth time)! You know the drill: The photos (about 900 of them) are here. There are also some videos on Youtube (more to come).

The Matrix Has Been Entered

Maybe this time I'll finally write something longer. Or not...


Anonymous said...

New boyfriend? Or dirty threesome? ;-)

Dr.Sid said...

Napis Frantisku, nejlepe jako navod pro cechy co by tam takhle na vlastni pest taky zajeli. Tim myslim i s rozpoctem.
Idealne aby se daly klast dotazy ktere pak jeste upresnis.
A kdyby ti chybela inspirace, tak klidne zacnu. Cetl jsem ze japonci desne huli. Jak je to kriticke ?