Saturday, December 06, 2008

High-Tech Solution For Low-Tech Problem

Because od the nature of our lives, Jitushka often wakes up to go to work/school shortly after I go to sleep. This complicates any potential start-of-the day communication, especially concerning the dogs. It's not easy to let the other person know when our dogs were last fed/walked.

I solved this problem like a man. Like a geeky nerdy man, that is. I made a special CGI web application to track the dogs.

Venčení - High tech řešení

Because we both have www-enabled mobile phones, we now just use a private URL on my webserver where we can see when the dogs were last fed and walked and we can both set these times to "now" or to some predefined times in the past ("30 minutes ago", "1 hour ago" etc.). And we can see the info and set it from any place with network coverage.

I pity the people who had to solve this problem 10 years ago. They were screwed and had to resort to uncool paper and pen.

TODO: Automatic sending of alarm SMS when the dogs are not walked for 10 hours or more!


Unknown said...

That's SOOOOO Web 1.0. Where are the tags? Where's community participation? Where's the social network? And most importantly, where's the URL? Hope you are planning a startup around this at least.

Anonymous said...

Honey, the last intercourse we had today / yesterday / more than two days ago!

Petr1720 said...

It's like Tamagotchi;-)

Anonymous said...

Don´t worry. If starving, the dogs would start fighting each other.

Anonymous said...

OT otazka pro FF:

Kde je na flickerovy fotce p_2008-12-03_21-19-48.jpg noha?!

Fuxoft said...

hovnanian: Vpravo jsou dve Jitusciny nohy a na stole je praseci noha.

Anonymous said...

Myslel jsem, že dospělí psi by měli jíst jednou denně... ale na druhou stranu, jsou tohle ještě psi?