Friday, July 18, 2008

Christianity Explained by Electrocuting Pickles

Spooky old man explains Christianity by torturing pickles.

The only logical conclusions of this experiment are:
  1. When you become Christian, you'll burn in hell.
  2. Don't try Christianity at home.


lummox said...

When you become Christian, you won't burn in hell. You'll burn in a sling Grandpa John made. Geez, didn't you watch it at all?!

Anonymous said...

And those comments on youtube, e.g. like this one:"My pickle looked like that after a weekend in Vegas. I don't think any Christians were involved. "

even more!
God ftw.

Anonymous said...

When I start a gay SM FF club, it's gonna be called Grandpa Johns Slings and Pickles.

Anonymous said...

This guy is like Grandpa Simpson, only less lucid.

Anonymous said...

And there's more:
Atheists nightmare #1: a banana
Atheists nightmare #2: peanut butter