Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taking A Vacation?

From June 31 to July 14, my dogs will be on a vacation in the country. I thought about taking this opportunity to also take a short vacation, preferably as "Last Minute" offer from travel agency. However, travel agencies seem to suck (unreliability, many "hidden prices") and - most important of all - the vacation for a single person is usually as expensive as two person vacation because there are no single-person rooms available! Also, I have some "non-standard" requirements:

I'd like to spend a few days (5-8, not more) during the timeframe mentioned above, somewhere in southern Europe on the beach, preferably in Capitalist Europe - Italy, Greece, Spain, France etc...

I want a room (however small) just for myself plus access to refrigerator. I can be part of some larger group of tourists but I want my privacy when sleeping.

I don't give rat's ass about local architecture / famous poets / local culture (as long as they don't rape men of my age very often).

I don't want any special "organized activities", I just want to stroll around the beach, take a swim, take some photos, rent a bike, just relax.

I don't want any "pre-paid" food. I'd accept breakfast but I'd be happiest if I just had an access to refrigerator and bought food in restaurants / markets. That means I'd prefer some sort of area with restaurants / markets, not some isolated fishing village.

I can get there by plane or bus, it doesn't matter. Actually, I'd prefer spending 12 hours on bus and saving some money. At least I'd have time to finish that Nintendo DS games...

Do you know about something specific that meets my needs and doesn't cost over approx. $300 including lodging and travel? Advices in the vein of "Just look at Last Minute offers at" don't help me very much, as I am already doing that.


Anonymous said...

Myslím, že tohle by mohla splňovat Malta, Sardinie nebo Korsika. Ani to není vyloženě turisticky přervané a přitom zajímavé. Milosh

František Fuka said...

No a ten hotylek s jednomistnymi pokoji s lednickou je tam kde?

Anonymous said...

Trebas tady zkusit mrknout:, prip. Single tam jsou dostupne.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but $300 + single person = impossible

František Fuka said...

Tak treba na tom prvnim odkazu fakt vidim jenom "Chmabre Double", zadnou jinou...

Anonymous said...

do you want to spend your vacation with me? in my place and on my expenses? ...if you don't mind that i am a middle-aged gay of course.

František Fuka said...

No problem! Wouldn't it be a problem that I don't swallow?

Anonymous said...

advices in the vein? Since when do you take drugs? Fix it Fx ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stan na záda, jízdenku na autobus a jedeééémm. Rozmazlínky neberééém.

Anonymous said...

vem stan a jed na orlik :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Fuka,

in the nineties, I went to Greece
with similar needs. Try hotel "Zephyros" in Paleokastritsa, Korfu
(phone +30-26630-41244), rent a room, rent a bike, and off you go.
Occupies you for abut 5 days.

Mind you, this was in September,
two weeks after the tourist season ended - prices were low, not much people around, but the beach and
the country was still there. Now it's June, and my bet is that the travel agencies have the full capacity of all hotels combined
pre-booked, and you won't find a place.

As for travel, I _did_ make a deal
with a travel agency: I arranged to
only pay for the travel and wave them goodbye once I got form the bus. Same on the way back: I paid
a travel agency to just take me back to CR; we arranged that I will meet their bus at a given pier.

But nowadays, you can prob'ly go
much cheaper with all the low-cost
air-travels (SkyEurope et al.)

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

They even have an email now:

KubaU said...

Budget airlines generally don't fly to Corfu, certainly not from Prague :) But you might be able to hitch a ride on some charter; instead of SkyEurope I'd try TravelService or CSA. Beats me if they just sell single seats on the charters, though!

Corfu is amazing, though. No idea if you can fit it to your budget, but I'd give a shot to mailing your requirements to and seeing if they come up with something. I presume in free market there MUST exist single rooms with a fridge; probably not that cheap, though :)

The whole idea of self-arranged holiday really appeals to me, too bad that as a general rule it WILL be cheaper with a travel agency.

Anonymous said...

Buy a car and make roadtrip. you can sell that car later (if it will be not stolen)